The "hybrid" part of our school means you will do you book work, lectures, and exams all online from the comfort of your home. If you have a busy schedule keeping you on the go, then you are in luck, because we are mobile friendly! If you have a computer, tablet, or phone and internet connection then you can access the course room anytime anywhere. We also have a mobile app to keep you connected as well! Are you more of a hands-on learner? We provide plenty of lab time to meet with instructors to get the hands-on training you need at a minimal demand on your time. At Georgia Institute of EMS, we provide the personal touch making sure our class fits your schedule, learning style, and life needs so that you can reach the EMS career that you desire. 


Always call us at 678-561-2368 option 1. We are here to help you.


In the State of Georgia, and in accordance with National Registry Guidelines, everyone entering the field of Emergency Medical Services must start at the EMT level. Our courses are State and National Registry approved and will provide you one of the highest quality education based on your schedule. At Georgia Institute of EMS, you will gain all of the knowledge and skills needed to not only pass the National Registry exam but to also become a confident EMT. Certification as an EMT equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to enter the field of EMS right away!  This program has been built so that students can succeed and get the career they want.

Advanced EMT ( AEMT )

Following the successful completion of an EMT program, you can start the Advanced EMT program. Our hybrid model works here as well allowing you to elevate your education and of course your income level! The Advanced EMT course goes more in-depth expanding on the medicine you have already learned while teaching you new more advanced techniques like IV's and invasive airway management. This course is shorter so that you can keep moving forward. Upon completing this course you will be ready to improve your career, get the raise you want, and even be ready to tackle a Paramedic program. (Just don't tackle the real paramedics - they tend to hate that.)

EMT/Advanced EMT Combo

"What if I want to go from having no certifications all the way through to Advanced EMT?" you might ask. Georgia Institute of EMS has the solution you are looking for. We offer the "combo EMT / AEMT class" and just like when you order a combo off of the menu you get more for less! Our combo class allows you to finish your EMT certification and jump right into Advanced EMT without delay. Plus we give you a $500 discount for choosing to do both courses with Georgia Institute of EMS. So yes, you can start working in the field right away while leveling up your career all at an affordable monthly payment. 

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