A Flex plan for You!

We all have lives outside of what we are doing now. Family life and working to keep a roof over your head lends very little time to progress your career. Does that mean you are stuck with the job you have now? At most schools, the answer is yes - you are stuck in your job unless you fit their schedule. Here at Georgia Institute of EMS, we understand you have special needs in your life and we are here to meet them. The Flex plan is designed for people like yourself who desire to enter the field of Emergency Medicine with a hectic schedule. 

The EMT Flex class has up to one year to complete the course using online study that fits around your schedule and the ability to line up the hands-on classes when you are ready. If you are a fast learner you can indeed finish on your schedule as well.

The AEMT Flex class has up to 10 months to complete the course with many of the same features and access as the EMT class. You MUST have an EMT certification or have completed an EMT course prior to starting this course.

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Get your Flex on!

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