EMT School from a Student's Perspective

March 15, 2016

Becoming an EMT it is a Life changing experience




For most college students, their days consist of lectures, homework, and hanging out with friends. When I figured out my major on my first term in college, I knew I needed to save more money and work a part time job while currently in school. I wanted to gain hands on experience and retrieve more clinical hours for the program I want to get in.


When I heard about Georgia Institute of EMS from a friend, he explained to me it is not like college. At first, I was skeptical and I thought to myself there is no way he is saying this because he doesn’t even come to lecture. He told me the classes are fun and not as redundant like a traditional college class. So, I asked where could get more information about the school.


As we continued to talk, it was revealed to me that the classes at Georgia Institute of EMS are flexible and work with your schedule. I honestly thought it was too good to be true and what I was hearing was very hard to believe until I called and asked for more information. When I called I spoke to Donna and she did a great job answering all of my questions.  She explained to me that most of our classes are taught by paramedics who are certified to teach EMT courses and also have many years of field and teaching experience.


One of the best aspects that I learned was that individuals can choose their own lab schedule based on days that are open that month. This made me realize that this was the program I was looking for and it made me feel that I wanted to start right away!! It seemed to have everything I needed, ver knowledgeable instructors and the school offered a great deal of flexability in EMT and AEMT coursework allowing me to work things out around my schedule.


Being excited I took the plunge and signed up and started the course. I was still nervous because I was also attending college at another school full time. At first, during my college schoolwork and EMT course, it was kind of hard to juggle schedules at the same time but it was worth it! Georgia Institute of EMS worked with me extensively to help me schedule my labs while working around my full time college course load. The EMT class wasn’t as consuming as my college schoolwork, but it was challenging and just as important. Knowing the importance of this class, the staff at Georgia Institute of EMS helped me make sure to balance my time management well, so I wouldn’t get too overwhelmed with everything.


To pass the course, an 80 percent score is required. My instructors recommended to take as many attempts as possible to retain the information in our quizzes to be more prepared in the future without our learning material in front of us. If you do poorly on a quiz or an exam it is not the end and you have a second chance. The instructors are happy and willing to work with you and remediate you to get you caught up.  After remediation, you are allowed to retake an exam to bring your course grade back up.


In the reality of being an EMT I should know the material automatically with no hesitations.  An EMT or AEMT should be able to access a patient in any situation. You either know it or don’t know it, it’s that simple. The instructional staff at Georgia Institute of EMS is there to make sure you have the knowledge needed to be successful in the field. They are your guides and are there to show you the how and whys of what an EMS professional does.


When about ¾  of the coursework is completed then clinical rotations will begin. Knowing this brings feelings of excitement and nervousness at the same time. I know I am ready to experience the action in the field riding in an ambulance. My first shift will be either a 24 hour or two 12 hour shifts. During this time I will have the privilege of treating medical and trauma victims in a prehospital setting.


At the conclusion of clinical rotations I will then dedicate time to ensure I am caught up with all my coursework and then its time to get ready for the National Registry EMT practical and computer base exam. This is the exam that will prove I am a competent EMT and will show the State that I am ready for licensure as an EMT.


Certification, licensure and job are the next steps in my EMT career.