Frequently Asked Questions

August 19, 2016


Why should I choose Georgia Institute of EMS over other schools that provide the same training?


  • Georgia Institute of EMS’s program combines online and in class labs making the EMT and AEMT program more accessible and allows individuals the ability to rewind and review any portion of our lectures.

  • We are a local organization with a dedicated staff that focuses primarily on EMS and training EMT and AEMT Students. 

  • Students have a great deal of access to instructors with most allowing students to text or email.  Basically we are almost always available. 

  • All Georgia Institute of EMS classes are led by Paramedics and EMT’s that have the real world experiences in providing patient care in the field.  This allows us to combine relevant real life working expertise with academic knowledge in order to provided students with a rich and relevant in lab experience designed to prepare students for real life situations.

  • Our standard is 1 instructor to 6 students.  This allows students to have a more personalized experience in lab.

  • Our courses are approximately 60% online and 40% in class.  Students will have access to the online portion 24 hours a day 7 days a week as long as they have Internet access.

  • Students are only expected to attend, on average, two labs a month.



What are the requirements to start the EMT or AEMT program?


EMT Program:


  • Must be 18 years of age by the end of the program.

  • Must have a High School Diploma or GED by the end of the program.

  • Be free from physical or mental defects or disease which might impair his/her ability to function as an EMT


AEMT Program:


  • Must be 18 years of age by the end of the program.

  • Must have a High School Diploma or GED by the end of the program.

  • Be free from physical or mental defects or disease which might impair his/her ability to function as an EMT

  • Must have completed an approved EMT program or have a current EMT license or National Registry.



Do I need to take a pre-entry exam?


No pre-entry exam is required at this time.



How long is the program?


This question has multiple answers depending on the class you are interested in taking.  Lets take a look at the options you have available.


The traditional EMT program:


The traditional EMT program is our 8-month long program.  This program covers eight instructional months and sometimes might cover a little more than eight calendar months due to holidays.


The Accelerated EMT program:


This is our intense 10 week program. 


The AEMT program:


The AEMT program is a fast paced program lasting 4 months. 



Can I just take AEMT?


The short answer is NO. 


The AEMT course is an addition to the EMT program.  ALL EMS personnel have to first become an EMT before they can progress to any level.  The EMT program is an essential program where an individual will learn all of the essential foundational skills relevant to all levels in the Emergency Medical Services.



Are you accredited?


Currently there is no accreditation for just EMT programs for any school.  The requirement for EMT and AEMT schools is that ALL schools teaching any EMS programs in the State of Georgia must have authorization from the Department of Public Health Office of EMS and Trauma.  For more information go to  .  From there you will find a wealth of information regarding EMS in the state of Georgia. 


Regardless of what program you chose, it is vitally important that you enroll in a program that is authorized by the State Office of EMS and Trauma.  If the program is not authorized and if it has not received an official course number, then one could find themselves entered into a program that will not have the authorization to allow them to take the National Registry Exam.



Is the program all online?


No, the program is a hybrid course that combines online learning with in class skill labs and field internships.  All of the components are vitally important to ensure you are work ready and able to provide efficient and quality care that meet the highest of standards.



How often will I be required to attend labs?


This question has a few different answers depending on the EMS program you are enrolled in. 


The Traditional EMT Program:


As an EMT student in our traditional program, one would be required to attend 16 lab sessions at a minimum.  That averages to two sessions a month and each session last four hours in length.


The Accelerated EMT Program:


This program is a fast paced program that requires a bit more support from our instructors.  It is our goal to ensure you exceed all of the standards and are ready to provide high quality patient care after graduation.  To meet this goal, we require our Accelerated students to attend two lab sessions a week and one Saturday session.  Each of the weekday sessions last four hours and the Saturday Lab session last eight hours.


The Advanced EMT Program:


The AEMT program is a fast paced program designed to prepare EMT’s for this advanced level in just four months. To get students ready for delivering advanced patient care in the field, participants must attend eight lab sessions.  This expectation will require students to attend two lab sessions a month on average.  Each lab session will last 4 hours. 



When will I attend lab?


When a student enters the program they are assigned a cohort.  Each cohort is assigned a lab day and labs are scheduled for the entire program.  The lab schedule should be posted on the course registration page.  If you cannot find it, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to get you a copy for your to review. 



Where are labs?


Labs are conducted in Covington Georgia at the address below:


Georgia Institute of EMS

1191 Usher Street NW

Covington GA 30014


If you are using a GPS to navigate to the school, please make sure you enter the NW.  If not, it might take you to the wrong location. 



Do I have to participate in a field internship?


Yes.  All EMT and AEMT students must complete a field internship requirement.



How many hours are the field internships?


The hours of the Field Internship will depend on the course you are taking.  The requirements are listed below:


EMT – A minimum of 24 hours of ride time on an ambulance with at a minimum of 10 patient contacts.


AEMT – A minimum of 48 hours of internship.  Can be a combination of ambulance and clinic hours. 



Where can I do my field internships?


Georgia Institute of EMS has clinical contracts with services all over the State of Georgia.